“What do people in Seattle do when it rains?” I asked a Seattilite.

“They get wet.”  Ha ha.

I learned in school that just because it rains in the Pacific Northwest that people just not go outside.  No, they get on with their lives.

Here are some activities people do in the rain:

If they are swimmers, they go swimming.

If they are bikers, they go biking.  I have seen bikers pedaling their bike pedals during  pouring downrain in Downtown Seattle and on the Burke Gilman Trail.

If they are readers, they curl up and read a good book at home.

Or, they bring their electronic device to the coffee shop to be “social” and read.

They go play darts at the taverns, watch Sea Hawks at bars, and eat a salmon burger at the pub.

They shop at upscale stores like a few flagship stores or or go bargain hunting at Goodwill or shop at kitsch stores in Wallingford or stroll through funky boutique stores in Capitol Hill or Downtown or Fremont.

Rain doesn’t stop them from getting dressed to go see a play on 5th Avenue Theater or a Paramount Theater, or any number of the other theaters that put on a good play.

They go see a classical concert at the Benaroya Hall.

If their venue of the day is to seek laughter, they go to any number of the comedy clubs in Seattle and near Seattle.

They meet up with friends in restaurants in the very many eclectic Seattle neighborhoods.

Or hang out at one of the dozens of museums.

They go to The Seattle Public Library, the central library in Downtown Seattle to admire its architecture or hear an author speak, or take their kids for book reading at their neighborhood library.

A large some stay indoors to write, attend to their garden, watch TV, or sleep.

Upwards of many go to coffee shops and order a great cup of coffee or tea, or hot chocolate.

And when it’s still raining

A few go hiking even in the rain. Can’t wait for the sun to show up in Seattle? Hate to tell you this.  There have been number of days, even the weaterman wasn’t right.  Always carry your Parka, that is your best protection from the rain from October to June.

Some go and shop for the rainy weather.  Buying jackets with hood and boots so that your feet is drenched from the water that is pouring down from your jacket.

A quite rather some stay indoors to write, watch TV, or sleep.

Uncountable number stay in and cook, like French toast with friends, families, or by themselves.

Some go to the local hardware store to buy a new door, a new window, parts of a sink to fix up their quaint homes or known as “fixer upper” to the rest of the world. .

Some take photography while friends are cooking.

They hop on a Seattle Ferry for a get away to one of the islands.

Most work, go to school, or enjoy a hobby even in the rain.

It's raining in Seattle

It’s raining in Seattle

If you are new in town, get out and go and explore. Are you going to let the rain stop you?

What is your favorite thing to do in Seattle when it rains?