Continuation of Making Belle, Belle Where are You? using Apple’s iBooks author

The illustrator, the project manager, and the author and publisher working on Belle, Belle, Where Are You? using Apple’s iBooks author MAC Application

For the children’s book, Belle, Belle, Where Are You? the project manager and the author,clarified and discussed the word content, the custom art, the sound effects, and what elements of art work was to be animated, I signed an agreement. The illustrator project manager and I got to work to making Belle, Belle, Where are you? using Apple’s iBooks Author Tool The project manager was the liasion between me and the illustrator. The company agreed that they would deliver the product in x days.  They worked the deliverables in stages.  We emailed many times if either party had a question.  We communicated over Skype to hammer out confusing details.

Hand drawn Sketches for making of Belle, Belle, Where Are You?

Once the illustrator completed the pencil sketch for the children’s book,  the project manager would send me the draft.  The hand drawn sketch was the first deliverable. I reviewed the hand drawn sketch (see below).  If the art told the story I wanted, I kept it. If it didn’t  I made a request to make changes.  Note: as an author publisher you would want to be sure what you want before you submit your story book to the illustratro.  Even the pencil sketches takes time and resources.   Redoing can be time consuming for both parties. You want to make this an enjoyable experience for you and the illustrative company.  Afteall, this is a fun project. This is a story that you and the illustrator working together to bring it alive.

The first draft of for the puppy dog sketch didn’t ignite the feeling of love at first sight for me.  Belle was one of the main characters of the story she had to look like a cute cocker spaniel who had a trickster mind.  I had to send some pictures of a cute cocker spaniel to the project manager so that they could have an idea what I had in mind.
Here is a pencil draft of the first take.
Hand drawn first sketch of Belle, Belle Where Are You?

Drafting, “Belle, Belle, Where Are You?”

While they were working on the re do of Belle the dog, I started working on a story board.