I am new to social media. Though I have started a couple of different mediums, something have always come up in a way that I never followed through with it.    There is so much to learn.  I have decided this time that I will start with one medium  and learn the ins and outs.

Here are some of the lessons I learned from the mediums I tried.  I would like to share what I learned for those who are late to the game.

Different Social Media Platforms

A quick recap of other popular mediums that I used. There are different types of social media:  To name a few:


You tube- video outlet.  I have used this for  How Do I for example open a tight jar?  Yes. I have used  youtube for that, and it worked.
It is also good medium for entertainment


Twitter – Concise speak- 150 characters or less.  I have tried this, but I haven’t used this enough to give any further explanation at this time.


What is Instagram?  This is more of a note for me.
It is a photo sharing App.  Now Instagram has  a video feature, too.
Instagram App  is what I am currently trying to learn.
I tried it last year after someone told me about it.    After five or six photos, I took a break. I didn’t use any hashtags, last year.  Just took a few pictures and posted.
 Now, I am ready to give it another try.
Some features of Instagram
-This is a mobile App, which means to utilize it fully you should have a smartphone. I can access the App from my desktop, with limited features.
-If you like colors and words, this is a good tool.  To me it feels like it is a mixture of Youtube and Twitter.  You can use hashtags, send your photo, or do a short video.

 A little more about Instagram

To access Instagram: the first thing you have to do is create an account
The second thing start sharing your photos to the world, or atleas the Instragram users.
Third,  read the fine prints if you want to know how your pictures will be used.
Fourth, this was something new I learned. If you want people to see your pictures, you must use hashtags, that is how they know your world exists.
Fifth, focus on what you like. I like food, riding trains, traveling, writing, stories, roadtrips, dogs, trees… so those are some of the themes that I would be focusing on.
What do you like?  What do you want to share with others?  You should focus on that.
Sixth, now as far as taking pictures, I am still learning about that.  I hear that Instagrammers like bright pictures.  From the few posts that I have posted, the App likes the square shape.   This means if you are going to add Text in your video or your photo, you would want to ensure that your text doesn’t get cut off, as mine did.
I will share new knowledge that I learn about Instagram as I learn about it.
I might do a few videos in the future on how to use Instagram You Tube later.
In the meantime, if you like to share your tips, I would love to hear from you.