What about Greece?

Ever since I was introduced to Greek mythology as a kid, I always wanted to tell Zeus that he scared me and wanted to warn Pandora, “Dear beautiful girl,  DO NOT OPEN THAT BOX Pandora.”  All those drawing of those creepy monsters inside the box scared the bejesus out of me and they will be a nightmare for you too.  I wanted to yell at Cupid, saying stop pointing that sharp arrow at me, kid, and kid put on some clothes.  Didn’t your momma every tell you how to dress, atleast to put on a shirt?

Mythology made me fall in love with Greece, so has its concept of democracy, and the gyro.

If I go, this is how I would like to spent my time there.

I would fly to Athens to recover from the jet lag the first day.

Then I would figure out the go to gyro hut or palace.  A train trip from Athens to Olympus National Park would be ideal to not only silently dispense my belated warnings but also to hang out and admire the plants and animals growing in the vincinity.

Moving on from Athens, I would hang out at every archeopological and historical site for weeks. Not only would I want to read about how they built all those buildings but I would want to know how those ideas were born to them, well enough to express it and to execute those ideas, especially back in those days. Who talked about freedom back then?  Or verbally spoke about self thought, back then? Who talked about man’s weakness and their god’s weakness too, back then?


Once I had my fill for their riches of their history, I am sure I will crave the best sunset in Greece. I have noticed over the years, working in the the cubicle life, I have not seen enough sunsets.  I caught a few spectaular sunrises, when I was looking out the window on the bus taking me to my office.

Actually, the most spectacular sunrises I saw were on the bus to work.  I didn’t have a camera on me to shoot the pictures.  Even if I did, I would have forgotten that I had carried it.  I still remember the most splendid one, like yesterday.  It was right at the corner, on a hill, on the Magnolia bridge.  The view of the pretty Seattle skyline, blinking with a few lights, the magnificent Mt. Rainer silent in the background, pink skies hovering a round ball, the sun just breaking its fresh rays above the clouds, and the blue water below glorifying the sun. Most of the people on the  bus looked up from their smartphone or their book or magazine and couldn’t put their head down.  Breathless, I would say would be the word.  I love to see sunrises but the color of the sunsets, reminds me of Autumn.  They come so fast, and leave faster.

From my research, Santorini would be a very good place to go see sunsets.  After the sunset, I think I would wake up in a fishing village.  Perhaps, talk to the fisherman or fisherwoman about letting me do one catch.  I am confident that he or she would know how to do a good fish gyro.   Fish gyro, I think that sounds good for dinner tonight.

For the best Santorini sunsets, I escaped to Pinterest and pinned them on my travel dreams board.

Greek Food

Speaking of gyro, I found a very good gyro around town. I have noticed, that I talk about food a lot. Yea, I probably should do a food blog?

Anyway this place I used to to go to quite often serves a vegeterian gyro that is out of this world. They also have good chicken gyro, and Greek rice and good Greek salad.  Their pita is soft and salty and warmed just right that it is not hard or chewy.

Greek gyro

Greek gyro

If you are in Seattle, stop by a place called Nikos, Nikos.  It’s been while since I been there but every time I am in that part of town, I make an effort to stop.