I am writing a novel about road trip and more. My friend and I did a small road trip in autumn a while back ago and stayed in a cabin.  We booked a cabin tucked away in the woods. We were happy to hear that the cabin was stocked with pots, plates, and a grill.  All we had to do was bring our food and drinks which raised the question what to bring on a road trip?   We decide to stop at the grocery store on the way up to the cabin and brought most of our food to cook.  I love those kind of trips.

This road trip list below in no order but I noticed, cookies made it to the top of the list.  I just added a few notes as I added this blog.

Road trip list: good, books and more

oatmeal and cranberry cookies

pancake mix

blue berries (to make blueberry pancakes)

blueberries for pancakes

blueberries for pancakes


honey (I like a little bit of both on my pancakes).

eggs (it is good to have eggs with panckaes, yum).



fruits in season (strawberries are in season)

fish (dinner)

potatoes  (to be baked for dinner)

broccoli (I got have some vegetables, after all those cookies)

hot chocolate (if we don’t end up making the cake, that would be our dessert)

chips (snacks, need something cruchy, I should include apples, too)

peanut butter (in case if we decide to go for a long hike)

jelly (why you can’t have a peanut butter with out the jelly)

Bananas, just above ripe, not overly ripe. (bannas are just guewey good in the peanut butter sandwich).


black beans



olive oil



garlic powder

cake? to bake or not (another tough decision)

Don’t forget

coffee beans (if you make your own coffee)

coffee grinder (if you are a coffee connisuer of sort)

bathing suit

lap top

my notes ( I like to write and then add some)

books to read ( I love to read about other people’s work, anything, really)

Rice cooker? ( I love rice, the rice cooker does a pretty decent job, though one of these days, I should make it on the stove top).  Love the smell of Basmati rice.

fruit-strawberries (with blue berry panckaes, I like to see some red on the top or the side, sliced strawberries are always nice).

blueberry pancakes sprinkled wth sliced strawberries

blueberry pancakes sprinkled wth sliced strawberries

orange juice (there is nothing like fresh squeezed juice with your breakfast pancakes).  Now that I am adding this, I want to go make blueberry panckaes,eggs, syrup, and OJ for lunch.  Instead, I will be having a second cup of coffee with grilled cheese.  On my to make list, though.



extra bags for worn clothes



toiletries and hygiene items

bath towels

kitchen towels

I am beginning to see the pattern here: food, books, lap top.  Truthfully, it all depnds on what is important to you, especially the week or the weekend you are going?

What do you bring on a road trip?