What is good about growing old?

Here are some responses that I received as I was brainstorming with a good friend on the early part of this year.

The responses:

“Nothing really, it’s dreadful,” he said.

“Nothing, I suppose,” I replied.

“It’s pretty freaking bleak,” he continued.

“I don’t feel old enough to make a judgment that I am feeling old. Maybe I am, but it doesn’t feel like I am in my mid to upper 40’s,” he said.

“How old are you?” he asked

Are you asking me how old I am?”  I exclaimed.

“I feel very old….Maybe.  Too old to remember now,” I continued and returned with the original question “What is good about growing old?”

“Nothing”, (said as nah-thing) we both said.

“I don’t know what to say. I have nothing good to say”, he pondered.

“Absolutely nothing?” I asked.

“Better not to ask,” he grunted.

“Who said I was old?” He quickly added.

A few weeks passed, and we returned to the subject with the following:

“Theoretically, you would have more money,”  he said.

“and senior discounts!” I added.

“You are supposed to be wiser but we all know that is not true,” he said with a small sad grin.

“When you find out about what is good about growing old, come and see me,” I said, hoping for a better answer later.