Spontaneous short story tweet

I am going to have a little fun with story ideas, primarily for laughter and intrigue. My friend Eric and I are going to start tweeting  sentences to each other about a short story we are going to spontaneously create on twitter.  If anyone wants to join us, welcome.

Short Story Tweet Description

Here is the idea, I will begin a sentence, and Eric will finish the sentence.  Any one who joins can finish the sentence, or create a new sentence.   Keep in mind when you add to the sentence of the story,  stay true to the previous entries.
If no words are added, I will finish  the sentence myself the next day.
The  story could take any direction. Add intersting ficticious characters, if you wish. Talking dolls, dancing dogs, water cats….the universe is infinite. Keep it clean.
Amuse yourself.

Let the story began

I am starting with this sentence. He texted on his cellphone.