We recently had a snowstorm here in the Northwest, and the grounds looked like a winter wonderland.  I, for one, was glad it did snow because my characters in my novel play in the snow.   And this snow storm gave me the opportunity to do firsthand research.

I read that the Eskimos have at least 100 words for snow.  I can understand why they would have hundred words for it.  I don’t know what their words were, but let me give you a handful from my day in playing in the snow.

All the different types of snow

Playful snow

Snow that doesn’t stick to the ground

Pure white snow

Snow that sticks to the ground

Crystal cold snow

Powdery snow

Feeling the lightness of powdery snow

Feeling the lightness of powdery snow

Snow that is light that I felt like I stepped inside a cloud

Crunch, crunch, crunch snow

Snow that is hard that I felt like it was gravel

Crisp snow

Snow that turns to slush when the rain falls

Cold numbing snow

Snow that doesn’t melt when the rain come

Snow that that melts went the sun shines

Happy snow

Snow that makes bare trees look dressed up

Snow falling, winter wonderland

Snow falling, winter wonder land

Snow that breaks twigs

Snow that keeps coming down

Snow that buries the chairs in the patio, making it disappear underneath the snow

Snow that makes ducks still swim like ducks

Snow that makes me want to build a snowman

Snow that makes me want to have snowball fight

Snow that makes me slide down the hill

Snow that makes me want to drink hot chocolate

Snow that makes warm memories

Snow that makes bring people outside

Snow that is quiet

Snow that is beautiful

Snow that is still magical

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