How about Alaska?

My friend said, he wouldn't mind going on a road trip and asked me if I wanted to come with him to Oregon to visit a friend he knew for a long time. Well, I didn't want to just come along.  Both he and his friend in Oregon are musicians. They like to get together and...

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Trains, Trains, Trains

Because I miss riding on the train Since I did Views from the Train, I took a few more short train rides.  One was with my father and my sister to Portland,Oregon.  I enjoyed it.  I think I like the longer train trips better. My father loved it.  I think that is where...

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I am simply trying to walk more as part of exercise and wellness. Some days are just hard to go out even for a simple walk. My plan is that every day that I walk I am going to take a picture and post.  Take a picture of whatever that I find interesting on my walk....

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