Visiting Seattle coffee houses

Today, I am writing about the best coffeeshops in Seattle and around Washington.  I am hesistant to used the word best sometimes because best is a subjective term. All the different types of coffee shops Some people love the coffee shops that play Indie music.  Others...

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Ordering speciality coffee in Seattle

At my old workplace, one of my coworker/friend invited me to downstairs to have coffee with her on our break. It was a chilly winter day. Our office was in downtown in Seattle in one of the tall buildings. Two famous coffee shops competed with each other on two...

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Belgium is where we are going today

Who hasn't heard of Belgium chocolates? Me, until about five years ago.  I was in Portland attending a conference with a friend and was wandering around the downtown shops.  My eyes the words that sprung CHOCOLATE on its glass door.  The small store invited me to come...

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