The counter top was now filled with half-ripened mangoes, fresh cut pineapple slices, bright oranges, smooth bananas, cold blueberries, fresh strawberries and summer peaches and plums.shutterstock_146865773 fruit basket

The smoothie experiment drove me to a newer height in understanding my sugar addiction.  I never realized that I didn’t associate fruit to pleasure like I did with the bakery type of desserts.  That has hurt me quite a bit.

To grasp more about nature’s creations, I researched a variety of fruits and how much grams of sugar each fruit contained.   Some fruits did have surprisingly high amount of sugar such as mangoes, pineapples, and grapes, but the sugar itself was not enough for me to choose the fruits as my got to, as my rescuer, as my devilish angel or angelic devil.

shutterstock_215443585 blueberries

I admitted that to myself while fruits were not as pleasurable as cookies immediately, I felt better afterwards a lot longer after eating a juicy fruit.   After eating a fruit, at times, the craving was reduced to a point that I actually felt that I could choose to pass on cookies if I kept at it.  shutterstock_138907091 cantoloupe

On certain days, I still worked very hard to pass the urges.  Making choices were still hard, and sticking with them were even harder at this stage.    I reminded myself that fruit does not have to be passionless; it embodies nature, a wholesome goodness that just cannot be packaged.