What to do in Houston if you had couple of days to spend?

A scene I am writing from One Light Year (OLY) Road Trip Novel takes place in Houston, Texas.  Let me give you some no nonsense, don’t waste my time recommendations.

You would need 45 minutes to an hour going from one end of Houston to the other end. Depending on where you are staying, you might have to factor in two hours of going there and getting back, considering traffic is light.


If space interests you, then  the Johnson Space Center is a good stop for both the young and old. You would need at least good half day.

If you are a science and a nature junkie, try the Houston Museum of Natural Science.


Find a good Tex-Mex restaurant.   Enjoy the warm chips and salsa.  Enjoy fajitas, enchilladas, burritos.  Cheers if you are having Dos Equis.  If you are not into that, try some good gulf shrimp, or some good Creole cuisine.


For history buffs, visit San Jacinto Battle Ground.


The train ride in Herman Park is a nice escape.  Good for kids, and adults too. Come on, adults like it too, if not for anything at least for the cool breeze.


If you really, really enjoying shopping, the Galleria is a nice place to stop to shop, to eat, to get a hair cut, and to even ice skate.


Enjoy your stay.