I am still learning more about social media. Being relatively new to Instagram, I really like the ease of use.  You can load pictures.  Instagram has it’s own 25 filters that you can use for pictures.  You can load videos and live view photos (I will have to do a separate blog for that).   You can write in the caption.  According to, there is a 2200 character limit.  That means you can write a short story if you have the time.
Don’t confuse the caption area with the bio area.  The caption area is where you post hash tags and talk about your picture.   In the bio area is where you talk about yourself or what you represent.  The bio area allows only 150 characters.
Learning about Instagram, lead me to look at other platforms. Just the other day I heard the word Snapchat repeated.


Just like Instagram, Snapchat is a mobile App.
For Snapchat, when you your bring your smartphone to your face and touch the screen of the phone, the App picks up the shape of your face.  A few seconds later, images shows upto the right of the big white circle with face filters and costume filters.  Just slide each filter with the touch of you finger, scooting the image filter in the circle first from left to right.  As you scoot the filter from left to right, a different form of face will appear on the screen.
My friend and I played with the pre-installed emoji like filters with dramatic punches, make up, and full blown baby like images.  We laughed at a few of the way the face filters made us look, playful.   It appears someone gave some thought in creating the filters. I have only tried this out for three days.  In the past three days, a new filter replaced an old one. Two days ago, there was a drag queen filter that I liked, but it was not seen this morning.
Also, I heard the video disappears after 24 hours. I haven’t tested that out, so I don’t know where it goes.  I hear this is the same for Instagram Stories.


Snapchat is different from Instagram though it is also a video and photo App and have message features.
Just from the last three days that I had been playing with SnapChat and comparing it to Instagram I learned one thing.  At this point, unlike Instagram you have to have friends on Snapchat so that you can share the information.  In Instagram, the uploaded contents can be viewed by anyone if you have contents set up to public.