Using Instagram as a beginner?

The first time I started using Instagram last year, I didn’t post a picture nor did I use hashtags.  Mistakes made, lessons learned.

This time around I did posted my picture, added a bio, and started using hashtags.  I didn’t know if I was going to focus on random subjects, or specific subjects like the three books I had fun writing, or have quotes about my upcoming novel, or just take pictures of random subjects, or use all of the above.


I started posting pictures and videos about nature and flowers using hashtags.  What do you know? My pictures received responses.  Hashtag do work?  This made me wanted to work harder.  What should I post next?

I then posted a video about a train trip, using hashtags.  Again there was atleast one response.

I started experimenting with the children’s illustrative book I wrote by placing two illustrations on Instagram, using hashtags. Immediate responses from dog lovers,made me pleased.   One or two started even following me.   Knowing people in the Instagram community shared common interest with me made me wanted to post more.  I started reviewing their pictures and and following them.

I then moved to the topic of trains, posting couple of sentences of the first chapter of my eBook Views from the Train.  Again, I received responses.


Recently, I posted a holiday picture with two hastags.  The response: minimal, almost dismal.   My conclusion as beginner user:  Use hashtags for reach unless you have loyal followers.

Unexpected response

Random people with different topics that they focus on started following me, then couple of days started unfollowing me.  Ouch. I didn’t know what occured.    I read upon it and talked to people who had other social media accounts.  Users communicated I embracted a tactic execution, the follow and unfollow method.  Personally, I don’t like that method.

At this point I am still learning.  I am going to focus on what I want,  have fun, engage, and talk about the things I love, and enjoy.