Living in the Pacific Northwest,makes me drink coffee more. After drinking many many cups of lattes and coffees from the great coffee houses, I had been wanting to make the perfect cup of coffee on my own

Making coffee looks easier than it is when the barista makes it for you.

Is finding a good single cup coffee maker for home that hard?

I did not realize what was all involved in making an aromatic, smooth, delightful cup of coffee.  Trying to make coffee for yourself requires research, especially if you are starting from zero.

I did some intense research on the Internet with some respected product review sources, asked a few friends of mine for tips, and off I went shopping to go get a coffee maker.

Off to thedepartment store I went because I had my 20% coupon.  With excitement I arrived and asked the lady in the department for help to find me the “best” coffee maker. I put best in quotation marks because I am finding as I do research “best” is really a subjective term when it comes to taste.

The lady who saw me knew I was serious about making my cup of Joe . She didn’t think she could handle that question herself.  She told me she was going to go and get me the “coffee connoisseur,”  And the head of that department happened to be the coffee connoisseur.

The coffee connoisseur happened to be man who was passionate about drinking coffee more than I.  We talked for few minutes about making the “best” coffee in the morning.  He said he drank three or four cups of coffee and drank through out the day.  I was more of one or two cups kind of coffee drinker.

Secrets to making good coffee

We exchanged some ideas about making good coffee.   It was a good thing that I did research about making coffee before I went to the store because I was able to keep up with him, sort of.

Of the primary importance is the coffee beans.

Then there is the question about bean roasting.  He added the type of coffee grinder that I should own one day if I am as a serious drinker as he was.

He confessed that he had tried several of the coffeemakers himself.  Of those that he tried, he was not quite satisfied until he found the one. I told him my criteria for the coffeemaker were just a few.

“Few is plenty,” he said.

I would like to have a stainless steel coffee maker.  The coffee maker should have a bursting aroma when it makes coffee. Finally, the coffee should not have burnt taste.

“Doable,” he said.

Shopping for a good single cup coffee maker for home

After we looked and reviewed several pieces of coffee makers that they kept in the store, he took me over to the corner and recommended the Capresso.  He said he has been drinking coffee from that for the many years and he considers it “the wall street of the coffeemaker.”

I still had many questions and he seemed to have answer for all. He even told me that Capresso even has an 800# for me to call in with questions. So, I told him I was going to take it home.

Functions I like of the coffee maker:

It makes good cup of coffee. The aroma is released as it squirts last the drop from machine to the cup.

A few things that I had to overlook: The temperature is not hot as I would I like. When I called the 800#, they recommended to me that I can warm up the stainless steel.  I didn’t mind doing that on the days I was off.  That would be an extra stop on those days, I would be running out of the house.  Also, they suggested that If I make 6 to 8 cups versus just 3 cups, my coffee would be a little hotter. That was great idea, if I were having a party.  Most days, I only needed two cups maximum.

When I learned that I have to change filters, pretty regularly even if I was only making one or two cups a day, I did more research.

As I did more research about filters, it led me to do more research.  I told one of my friends about my coffee issue.  My friend mentioned Melitta pour over cup, which I end up switching over to.

What I like about the Melitta is that is a simple, porcelain, and affordable and reusable “coffee machine.”

For the Melitta I need to buy the regular paper coffee filters. I bought the non-bleached filters and it makes me feel good to know that they are biodegradable.

Ready for coffee?

Ready for coffee?