1.  How did you take the pictures?

I took them on a moving train.

2.  How did you get your ticket?

I booked my ticket online on the Amtrak website.

3.  What is the best season to take the train?

We went during the fall.  I would say summer, fall, spring would be a great time.  You might want to keep a tab on the weather.  If the climate is too rainy or too foggy, you may not get good views in WA.

4.  You said you love Washington, what is there to do?

I am glad you asked.  Few landscapes to visit:

You would need at least a good week so you don’t fee like you are rushing.

If you stay in Seattle-

  •  Pike Market
  •  Space Needle- touristy but takes great pictures
  •  If you are traveling with kids, take them to see Fremont Troll, It is big.  Here is a picture.

Couple of places  outside of Seattle

  • Snoqualimie Falls
  •  Mount Rainer
  •   Mount  St. Helens
  •   Columbia River
  •   The Gorge