How about Alaska?

My friend said, he wouldn’t mind going on a road trip and asked me if I wanted to come with him to Oregon to visit a friend he knew for a long time.

Well, I didn’t want to just come along.  Both he and his friend in Oregon are musicians. They like to get together and orchestrate music for hours. His friend usually invites other musician friends.  Initially it seems like it’s just me, my friend and his friend in Oregon and his wife.

Then the house gets packed with six to eight people, all with some kind of artistic background.  First we eat usually some homemade meals. Then people talk for a few minutes. Before the night gets dark, one of them will grab the guitar or the flute, and start strumming on the guitar or blow the flute.   Then the other person will start playing the piano, and then the next will come in play the tambourine.   The house changes to a music hall. Couple of times, I have watch and enjoyed. Since I don’t play, I thought another trip might be too soon for me.

He said, well, why don’t you plan another road trip.   May be I will go visit them just for a night and when I get back, may be we can go somewhere where you want to go.

“You have been talking about wanting to go somewhere, why don’t you plan one?

My past road trips have been fun. Some where quick weekend trips others were weeklong trips.

Something grand came to my head, like Alaska.

“Wouldn’t it be great to do a road trip to Alaska?

Yes, cruises are great but I wanted something less commercialized.  For some reason, I thought, , it would be better to take a smaller ferry boat/

When I googled how to get to Alaska from Seattle, here is what I found:

We could drive to Bellingham and take the ferry from Bellingham to Ketchikan. The ferry leaves every Friday at one time.

It looked like, once you get to Ketchikan, you can decide to go to Juneau, Skagway, or wherever the ferry stops. I wanted to see the beauty of Alaska and catch a train in Alaska.

If we were to follow through that meant, we needed at least 2 weeks. Two weeks, couple of day for driving there and back and then we had to take in account of taking the ferry to the destination, then driving from the arrival site to the original site.

I asked my friend, “What do you think of Alaska?”

He said, “I think you can file that under your travel dreams.”

Doing research on travels started to be therapeutic. So I will probably start researching some of the places that I would like to go and how I would get there as part of my therapeutic experience.


Road trips can be fun.  Some people take road trips on the whim, the sponateous kind.   Some must plan every details.  Some are in between.    Which ever kind you are, bring water because you never know where you may end up sometimes.  Speaking of which, my next book involves a road trip.  I will start posting updates about the novel, OLY, Road Trip Novel