Thumbnail not loading in Pinterest 2017

Problem with Pinterest not loading

I am learning how to navigate Pinterest.  Granted, I have signed up with an account years ago but I have not been active.  Now, I decided, it’s time. I am working on a new novel and I like to post travels and places and foods that have inspired as I was writing the novel, One Light Year Road Trip.  I was enthusiastic about loading my pictures of Japanese Gardens that I have visited in autumn.   Alas, just as I was loading the pictures, I ran into problems. Two problems I encountered, actually and that’s too many computer problems in a day.

The actual problems

One, the image that was loading was upside down. Second, when the image finally loaded, the thumbnail was not loading.  I repeated the process again with different pictures and the same problem shot at me.  My pictures were not showing. Goggling the Internet community, I  got lost in all the ways that Pinterest could be used for fun or for business. I needed that education but that didn’t solve my problem.

What to do? what to do? Calm down, calm, down, I will load this picture somehow.

I called my tech friend, and he asked me which browser I was using.

“newest version of Chrome,” I said.

He told me to try a different browser.  Safari opened up on my desktop with no image viewing problems.

He  started to troubleshoot the problems with me.

First things first, he originally thought that maybe Pinterest couldn’t read the pictures that I took with non-Iphone camera. So, at his tech recommendation, (tech rec), I exported my pictures to a folder to a desktop and then imported to Pinterest. Huuhh! technology is supposed to make my life easier, not give me more work to do.

We tested out two different images from two different cameras and guess what I was still having problems in Chrome.  The pictures were clearly visible in Safari. Even the upside picture was correctly processed when viewing in Safari.

Moving on to next batch of testing, he told me to clear the cache in Chrome.  He then said to do command R. Command Refresh, just swishes out all that nonsense.

Clearing the cache helped, at least load the image of “pond reflections.”

Few minutes, later, I loaded another picture.  Guess what? Same problem cropped up using the chrome browser? What the heck?

My problem was not gone. It remained. In reaching out to the internet community again this time, with a more specific problem now, some people said that they were having the same problems.  Others said, just to wait for a while.

Work Around for thumbnail not loading

After waiting and waiting, I had to develop a work around. To my problem, there was no real solution, just a work around. The work around: I learned that I have to clear the cache in chrome every time I load a new picture so that no one else would see the empty blurring green space.

One example of the thumbnail not loading in Pinterest

It was green space, because that picture was mostly trees and plants.

Since I am learning about Pinterest, I thought I would share this too. There is a secret button in Pinterest.  If you toggle that button and turned on then I found the images you loaded would not be revealed to the public. So, if you want your pictures to be seen, the secret should not be turned on.

There is so much to learn and I am having fun, adding pictures to Pinterest.

Why is my Instagram hashtag not working 2017?

Today, I published a picture on my Instagram with a small caption using hastags.  As soon as I hit the share button, I clicked couple of hastags to verify that the posts popped up in the feed. My instagram hashtags were not working.  My finger punched on a  few other hashtags.  The screen took me to the page of the hastags.  However, my published picture never showed in any of the listed feeds.
Since I am still new to the social media realm and I promised myself that I will at least post a picture for the next thiry days, and I couldn’t post one with a hashtag today,  I had plenty of work to do.  I had to figure out what was the problem.
I reviewed the Instagram FAQ.  Unfortunately, that question was not addressed in their FAQ.
I researched in Google typing, why is my instagram hashtag not working?  I also You Tubed it. With what information I found, I had to do further research.  The further research only led me to possibilities.
My research lead to two possibilites:

Banned Hashtag

1.  One problem could be is that you may have posted with a banned hashtag.  Now, I am new to social media. My response was what?  Social media bans words.
I googled banned hastag for Instagram for 2017.
There were couple of websites that listed banned words.  “Dogs of instagram” and  “elevator,” were a few examples.
If you want to know specific hashtags, google “banned hastgage for Instagram for the year” since the words get updated.  If not, you can type the word that you are searching in the Instagram search bar.  I typed in the word elevator, and this is what I found at the bottom of the elevator page, straight from the Instagram elevator page.

Instagram hashtag not working

By saying that, I read that if one of the words on the hashtag showed on on your hashtag list, then the picture may not get displayed for any of the hashtag that was tied to the post.

Technology issue

2. I also consulted with my tech friend who said, “you know it is technology.  They could be down.”  I googled, ” is Instagram working today?”   This took me to a list of outage reports for Instagram.    Some people were reporting the same issue I was having.  That doesn’t make me feel better, but it does give me hope that I can post my picture with caption tomorrow.