Why is my Instagram hashtag not working 2017?

Today, I published a picture on my Instagram with a small caption using hastags.  As soon as I hit the share button, I clicked couple of hastags to verify that the posts popped up in the feed. My instagram hashtags were not working.  My finger punched on a  few other hashtags.  The screen took me to the page of the hastags.  However, my published picture never showed in any of the listed feeds.
Since I am still new to the social media realm and I promised myself that I will at least post a picture for the next thiry days, and I couldn’t post one with a hashtag today,  I had plenty of work to do.  I had to figure out what was the problem.
I reviewed the Instagram FAQ.  Unfortunately, that question was not addressed in their FAQ.
I researched in Google typing, why is my instagram hashtag not working?  I also You Tubed it. With what information I found, I had to do further research.  The further research only led me to possibilities.
My research lead to two possibilites:

Banned Hashtag

1.  One problem could be is that you may have posted with a banned hashtag.  Now, I am new to social media. My response was what?  Social media bans words.
I googled banned hastag for Instagram for 2017.
There were couple of websites that listed banned words.  “Dogs of instagram” and  “elevator,” were a few examples.
If you want to know specific hashtags, google “banned hastgage for Instagram for the year” since the words get updated.  If not, you can type the word that you are searching in the Instagram search bar.  I typed in the word elevator, and this is what I found at the bottom of the elevator page, straight from the Instagram elevator page.

Instagram hashtag not working

By saying that, I read that if one of the words on the hashtag showed on on your hashtag list, then the picture may not get displayed for any of the hashtag that was tied to the post.

Technology issue

2. I also consulted with my tech friend who said, “you know it is technology.  They could be down.”  I googled, ” is Instagram working today?”   This took me to a list of outage reports for Instagram.    Some people were reporting the same issue I was having.  That doesn’t make me feel better, but it does give me hope that I can post my picture with caption tomorrow.

Trying something new

Spontaneous short story tweet

I am going to have a little fun with story ideas, primarily for laughter and intrigue. My friend Eric and I are going to start tweeting  sentences to each other about a short story we are going to spontaneously create on twitter.  If anyone wants to join us, welcome.

Short Story Tweet Description

Here is the idea, I will begin a sentence, and Eric will finish the sentence.  Any one who joins can finish the sentence, or create a new sentence.   Keep in mind when you add to the sentence of the story,  stay true to the previous entries.
If no words are added, I will finish  the sentence myself the next day.
The  story could take any direction. Add intersting ficticious characters, if you wish. Talking dolls, dancing dogs, water cats….the universe is infinite. Keep it clean.
Amuse yourself.

Let the story began

I am starting with this sentence. He texted on his cellphone.

What I learned about using Instagram as a beginner?

Using Instagram as a beginner?

The first time I started using Instagram last year, I didn’t post a picture nor did I use hashtags.  Mistakes made, lessons learned.

This time around I did posted my picture, added a bio, and started using hashtags.  I didn’t know if I was going to focus on random subjects, or specific subjects like the three books I had fun writing, or have quotes about my upcoming novel, or just take pictures of random subjects, or use all of the above.


I started posting pictures and videos about nature and flowers using hashtags.  What do you know? My pictures received responses.  Hashtag do work?  This made me wanted to work harder.  What should I post next?

I then posted a video about a train trip, using hashtags.  Again there was atleast one response.

I started experimenting with the children’s illustrative book I wrote by placing two illustrations on Instagram, using hashtags. Immediate responses from dog lovers,made me pleased.   One or two started even following me.   Knowing people in the Instagram community shared common interest with me made me wanted to post more.  I started reviewing their pictures and and following them.

I then moved to the topic of trains, posting couple of sentences of the first chapter of my eBook Views from the Train.  Again, I received responses.


Recently, I posted a holiday picture with two hastags.  The response: minimal, almost dismal.   My conclusion as beginner user:  Use hashtags for reach unless you have loyal followers.

Unexpected response

Random people with different topics that they focus on started following me, then couple of days started unfollowing me.  Ouch. I didn’t know what occured.    I read upon it and talked to people who had other social media accounts.  Users communicated I embracted a tactic execution, the follow and unfollow method.  Personally, I don’t like that method.

At this point I am still learning.  I am going to focus on what I want,  have fun, engage, and talk about the things I love, and enjoy.


Learning about social media: Instagram versus Snapchat: my experience


I am still learning more about social media. Being relatively new to Instagram, I really like the ease of use.  You can load pictures.  Instagram has it’s own 25 filters that you can use for pictures.  You can load videos and live view photos (I will have to do a separate blog for that).   You can write in the caption.  According to Jennstrends.com, there is a 2200 character limit.  That means you can write a short story if you have the time.
Don’t confuse the caption area with the bio area.  The caption area is where you post hash tags and talk about your picture.   In the bio area is where you talk about yourself or what you represent.  The bio area allows only 150 characters.
Learning about Instagram, lead me to look at other platforms. Just the other day I heard the word Snapchat repeated.


Just like Instagram, Snapchat is a mobile App.
For Snapchat, when you your bring your smartphone to your face and touch the screen of the phone, the App picks up the shape of your face.  A few seconds later, images shows upto the right of the big white circle with face filters and costume filters.  Just slide each filter with the touch of you finger, scooting the image filter in the circle first from left to right.  As you scoot the filter from left to right, a different form of face will appear on the screen.
My friend and I played with the pre-installed emoji like filters with dramatic punches, make up, and full blown baby like images.  We laughed at a few of the way the face filters made us look, playful.   It appears someone gave some thought in creating the filters. I have only tried this out for three days.  In the past three days, a new filter replaced an old one. Two days ago, there was a drag queen filter that I liked, but it was not seen this morning.
Also, I heard the video disappears after 24 hours. I haven’t tested that out, so I don’t know where it goes.  I hear this is the same for Instagram Stories.


Snapchat is different from Instagram though it is also a video and photo App and have message features.
Just from the last three days that I had been playing with SnapChat and comparing it to Instagram I learned one thing.  At this point, unlike Instagram you have to have friends on Snapchat so that you can share the information.  In Instagram, the uploaded contents can be viewed by anyone if you have contents set up to public.

Learning Social Media Platform: You Tube, Twitter, Instagram

I am new to social media. Though I have started a couple of different mediums, something have always come up in a way that I never followed through with it.    There is so much to learn.  I have decided this time that I will start with one medium  and learn the ins and outs.

Here are some of the lessons I learned from the mediums I tried.  I would like to share what I learned for those who are late to the game.

Different Social Media Platforms

A quick recap of other popular mediums that I used. There are different types of social media:  To name a few:


You tube- video outlet.  I have used this for  How Do I for example open a tight jar?  Yes. I have used  youtube for that, and it worked.
It is also good medium for entertainment


Twitter – Concise speak- 150 characters or less.  I have tried this, but I haven’t used this enough to give any further explanation at this time.


What is Instagram?  This is more of a note for me.
It is a photo sharing App.  Now Instagram has  a video feature, too.
Instagram App  is what I am currently trying to learn.
I tried it last year after someone told me about it.    After five or six photos, I took a break. I didn’t use any hashtags, last year.  Just took a few pictures and posted.
 Now, I am ready to give it another try.
Some features of Instagram
-This is a mobile App, which means to utilize it fully you should have a smartphone. I can access the App from my desktop, with limited features.
-If you like colors and words, this is a good tool.  To me it feels like it is a mixture of Youtube and Twitter.  You can use hashtags, send your photo, or do a short video.

 A little more about Instagram

To access Instagram: the first thing you have to do is create an account
The second thing start sharing your photos to the world, or atleas the Instragram users.
Third,  read the fine prints if you want to know how your pictures will be used.
Fourth, this was something new I learned. If you want people to see your pictures, you must use hashtags, that is how they know your world exists.
Fifth, focus on what you like. I like food, riding trains, traveling, writing, stories, roadtrips, dogs, trees… so those are some of the themes that I would be focusing on.
What do you like?  What do you want to share with others?  You should focus on that.
Sixth, now as far as taking pictures, I am still learning about that.  I hear that Instagrammers like bright pictures.  From the few posts that I have posted, the App likes the square shape.   This means if you are going to add Text in your video or your photo, you would want to ensure that your text doesn’t get cut off, as mine did.
I will share new knowledge that I learn about Instagram as I learn about it.
I might do a few videos in the future on how to use Instagram You Tube later.
In the meantime, if you like to share your tips, I would love to hear from you.

One Teaspoon of Success Part 11- Fruit and wholesome pleasure

The counter top was now filled with half-ripened mangoes, fresh cut pineapple slices, bright oranges, smooth bananas, cold blueberries, fresh strawberries and summer peaches and plums.shutterstock_146865773 fruit basket

The smoothie experiment drove me to a newer height in understanding my sugar addiction.  I never realized that I didn’t associate fruit to pleasure like I did with the bakery type of desserts.  That has hurt me quite a bit.

To grasp more about nature’s creations, I researched a variety of fruits and how much grams of sugar each fruit contained.   Some fruits did have surprisingly high amount of sugar such as mangoes, pineapples, and grapes, but the sugar itself was not enough for me to choose the fruits as my got to, as my rescuer, as my devilish angel or angelic devil.

shutterstock_215443585 blueberries

I admitted that to myself while fruits were not as pleasurable as cookies immediately, I felt better afterwards a lot longer after eating a juicy fruit.   After eating a fruit, at times, the craving was reduced to a point that I actually felt that I could choose to pass on cookies if I kept at it.  shutterstock_138907091 cantoloupe

On certain days, I still worked very hard to pass the urges.  Making choices were still hard, and sticking with them were even harder at this stage.    I reminded myself that fruit does not have to be passionless; it embodies nature, a wholesome goodness that just cannot be packaged.