Writing a roadtrip novel: One Light Year Road Trip

Road trips can be fun.  Some people take road trips on the whim, the sponateous kind.   Others must plan every details.  Some are in between.  Come to think of it, I like to travel and all three suits me just fine.

Where to go road tripping in Washington?

There are plenty of places in Washington that you could go on a roadtrip.  You can do weekend roadtrips or long road trips.    You can climb Mt. Rainer, attend a concert at the Gorge, you can dip in hot springs, or go fishing in a creek or the lake.

Mt. Rainier facing us on the road

Mt. Rainier facing us on the road

The landscape of Washington state is so diverse it comes down to what do you want to do or see once you arrive at your destination?  If you want to just rest and relax, there are hundreds of spas in the city and the mountains.  For those who love to eat, Seattle and outskirts of Seattle caters to your tongue. If you want to just drive there are great scenic byways that runs through here.

When to go road tripping?

Most people say the best time to take a road trip here is the summer.  I do agree; however, in the summer it can get pretty crowded.  National parks in Washington can get full  even with advanced reservations.

The other good times are are autumn and spring. Winter is iffy, spring and fall can be iffy, too due to windstorms and other weather conditions.  Last year in autumn, we had heavy wind storms where branches on the trees fell, blocking the road.

Right now ,I am writing a novel as I do road trips.  The setting of the novel: long road trip.  I will start posting updates about the novel, One Light Year Road Trip.  Going back to the type of road trippers, which ever kind you are, bring water because you never know where you may end up sometimes.

If you are excited about going on a road trip and now figuring out what to pack for the road.  Here are some ideas.