Entering my own walking challenge

Just walking around

I am simply trying to walk more as part of exercise and wellness.

Some days are just hard to go out even for a simple walk.  People say there are thousands of treasures in your own backyard.  True, there are if you can get youself out and get there.  I had been busy with work and work and I miss walking. Surely, I can take a few minutes to go out and walk. I used to walk easily two miles and didn’t even know I covered two miles.  My work, lately have been keeping me inside.  So, I have decided to enter my own walking challenge on those days I am working soley on the inside.

My Plan

Here is my plan:  I will walk every day, ok not every day, almost every day or something along those lines.  When I walk I am going to take a picture and post.  The picture could be about  anything, nature, cats, dogs, water, clouds of whatever that I find interesting on my walk.

Well, time for me to walk.   Of course, you can go on a walk too.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be your backyard.  It could be your park, it could be your neighborhood, it could be any where in you town, your city, your state, your country, or wherever enjoy walking, as long as it is safe.

Here is one picture I snapped the other day.  I think road signs are very interesting.  The guy on the sign looks like he is a power walker. Yea, I better move out of his way.

Entering my own walking challenge: this sign should be some motivation to walk

Entering my own walking challenge: this sign should be some motivation to walk

I used to know a friend that was a power walker.  She could walk from Downtonw Seattle to the International District  and pick up a fruit or food from one of the stands and then be back at work in less than forty five minutes.  Fuey, everytime I walked with her I was always running behind.  I thought it was her shoes.  Nay, it’s not just her shoes. It was her legs.  Her calf and her feet could walk through anything.  I am still working with my legs to get to her speed level. On second thought, I don’t want to be a power walker.  I will just stick with  being a casual walker and I am happy with that.

What is good about turning 40?

What is good about turning 40?

40th Birthday Card eBook by Jo Alex

This started as a birthday present for my sister.  I started looking around for something unique, inspiring, and something special  that she could refer to for her 40th birthday.  After looking for a while, I decided to write her a poem, not coming from me but from my dog, who she had to take care of  few times while I was away.   She is really not a “pet” person, but she was so generous she took care of her so well.  Once I wrote the dog poem, I thought, it would be nice to have a few more poems. I wanted a piece of other people’s point of view in this poem.  I reached out to family and her closest friends and asked them if they would send me a quote that they have used or that they have come with to give it to her for birthday.  I took the quote and personalized it for her and came up with 40 quotes.
Then on my 40th birthday, I decided to do the same thing for myself but with new quotes (some from my own observations, some from my close friends and family, and some from the world around me).  Once 40 quotes were received, I decided to turn it into an eBook birthday card.  This card book is more of a celebration for those who turned 40 or will be turning 40 or is living their 40th decade.  I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences on turning 40 or living the 40th decade.
Here is a sample of the eBook Card book.

Happy 40th Birthday

From The Greatest, the So-So, and the Totally Unknown

A Short Book of Quotes and Inspirations

I used a frog as a campaign speaker.  There are picture of animated frogs doing some whimsical activities in the eBook.

Here are few quotes of wisdom as you start enjoying your 40th decade, for the best years of life ahead!

Frog Wisdom 1

Turning 40, it can only get better for you.  You are smarter, stronger, and braver.”  Friends and acquaintances who turned 40 before me.

Frog Wisdom 2

2.  “Define what is important to you at this stage in life.  If there is something you have been wanting to do, but haven’t started, this is a good time to start.”  Inspired from understanding that life is short, and getting shorter with each passing day.

Frog Wisdom 3

3.  “Do it Afraid.”  Heard it on a Seattle Street.

What are few goals you have been postponing due to fear?

What is good about growing old? He said, she said

What is good about growing old?

Here are some responses that I received as I was brainstorming with a good friend on the early part of this year.

The responses:

“Nothing really, it’s dreadful,” he said.

“Nothing, I suppose,” I replied.

“It’s pretty freaking bleak,” he continued.

“I don’t feel old enough to make a judgment that I am feeling old. Maybe I am, but it doesn’t feel like I am in my mid to upper 40’s,” he said.

“How old are you?” he asked

Are you asking me how old I am?”  I exclaimed.

“I feel very old….Maybe.  Too old to remember now,” I continued and returned with the original question “What is good about growing old?”

“Nothing”, (said as nah-thing) we both said.

“I don’t know what to say. I have nothing good to say”, he pondered.

“Absolutely nothing?” I asked.

“Better not to ask,” he grunted.

“Who said I was old?” He quickly added.

A few weeks passed, and we returned to the subject with the following:

“Theoretically, you would have more money,”  he said.

“and senior discounts!” I added.

“You are supposed to be wiser but we all know that is not true,” he said with a small sad grin.

“When you find out about what is good about growing old, come and see me,” I said, hoping for a better answer later.