I was never fond of bagels. That didn’t mean, I didn’t eat one when it was offered to me.  Now that I am writing this I always thought bagels never reached its potential but it always had possibility.

No, you are not it, bagels

Yes I have tried the plain bagels with salmon cream cheese, the plain bagesl with chives cream cheese, the cinnamon raisin bagel with the plain cream cheese, and the everything bagel with plain cream cheese and locks on top.  But none of those whet my appettite.  When I was going through my sugar detox couple of years ago,  I learned few non-nutritional qualities about bagels and I was glad I never cared for them anyway.

Bagels never made it to my top breakfast list, but that all changed one day when I was visiting Olympia, Washington. There I went to a bakery because my friend was fan of bagels.  My friend ate bagels as much as I ate cereal, countless times.

Maybe bagels are not so bad with some good cream cheese

It was raining hard the day we went.  We parked on the side street and ran to the bakery without an umbrella.  From the road, the bakery looked like a house, probably because it was tucked in the residential neighborhood area. As soon as I ran inside the shop, a waft of smell hit my nose –– the toppings on the bagels, the chives and the smell of fresh bread, and the sweet aromas of a warm bakery.  It was a small place that offered a few seats by the window.  Luckily a table by the window became available.

The rain came down. I tried their fresh bagel and their homemade cream cheese. Hmm?  Not what I was expecting.   Though the bagel and cream cheese have an equal partnership in providing a hard and creamy experience, I never tasted one like that before. It was that day I learned that the good cream cheese makes the mediocore bagel better.  Please, can I have one more bagel and a pint of cream cheese to go, I said ordering at the counter.

Since Olympia I have become fond of bagels. It is a good thing I allow myself a desert a day after my sugar detox because a good bagel with good cream cheese is like a good dessert.

Too bad Olympia is little miles away from where I live, which means I had to learn how to make my own cream cheese.

Now that I am hooked on you bagels

So I tried to make homemade goat cheese cream cheese one day. It tasted a little zingy but it was acceptable.  Then one day I was assisting with a party.  I was debating if I should make homemade cream cheese or bring some store bought cream cheese.  Since we wanted a variety for the party, I said why not do both?  I‘ll have the goat cream cheese with vegetables and the store bought cream cheese with bagels.

There I stumbled up on what was called a whipped cream cheese.  My same friend who was a fan of bagels mentioned a few times about whipped butter before. I thought I would give the store whipped cream cheese a go.

Let me tell you that whipped cream cheese was so good; it came close to reminding me of the cream cheese that was served in that little bakery.

I know the headline said, bakery in Olympia changed my mind about bagels.  Now, I am really thinking that it should had been, cream cheese in a bakery in Olympia changed my mind about eating bagels.

If you are in Olympia stop at the San Franciso Bakery, and try one or two.   At the time we went, they had different flavors of cream cheese: Pesto, garlic chives, walnut and olive, salmon, and plain.

Disappearing bagles

Disappearing bagles